Unterwegs mit Herrn Nelson 5: Arizona – California

Tele Deutsch Interstitials

For fun – these very short interstitials are from the intersection of Tele Deutsch (distance learning 1994-1997) and MyGermanClass (started 1999)…

Ausgezeichnet! Videos nicht Kaputt!

Dear MyGermanClass Community,

Guten Tag, Klasse!

As you may recall, during 2013, Blip.TV, who had hosted the MyGermanClass videos for a decade, changed their business model and cancelled all accounts that weren’t full on episodic video series. This means that none of the videos on MyGermanClass.com were working for quite a while and the site was gathering cobwebs, tumbleweeds, and had fallen into massive disrepair…

HOWEVER, a volunteer stepped up: Mr. Ron Strouss of Seattle, Washington, has helped fix ALL of the videos, both here on MyGermanClass.com and on MyGermanClass.com/moodle, the site, where, for a small donation, you can get access to all the English/German scripts, some 9-10 question self-check quizzes, and discussion forums. Wunderbar, und vielen Dank, Herr Strouss! 

This means that we are back up and running! Also, I have found a bunch of other old videos that I am continuing to add both here and on the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/mygermanclass/videos

Looks like the second half of 2014 will be the time when MyGermanClass.com picks back up and carries on! I still plan to upload and link up all the Unterwegs mit Herrn Nelson episodes, as well as some TPR videos, a couple extra mute episodes of Der Mann, der die Gummischuhe Trägt (which invite YOU, the community, to create your own soundtrack and upload to YouTube!) and so on.

So Danke to all of you for visiting, subscribing, checking the YouTube channel, subscribing, and continuing to use these resources to help learn some German and have fun. It’s great knowing that these things I created over two decades ago live on and help people!

Danke schön! Tschüs! Viel Glück beim Lernen!

Herr Nelson

Kochen mit Herrn Nelson 11: Sandwich

Haben Sie Hunger? Gut, dann kochen wir! Heute machen wir ein leckeres Sandwich:

Kochen mit Herrn Nelson 10: Ein Imbiss

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Kochen mit Herrn Nelson 9: Griechische Pizza

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Psychologen 8: Sofa Kartoffel

Episode 8: Sofa Kartoffel und Selbstwertgefühl
In this groundbreaking episode, Herr Nelson’s ego undergoes a major makeover…

Gen X German – Gummischuhe

This is an excerpt from a cable pilot from ca. 1996 which was an attempt to to something like Tele Deutsch but with more polish. The production qualities were better, but the Tele Deutsch feel was missing…

This video will be included in the new Gummischuhe online course materials at http://mygermanclass.com/moodle/

Ubel Knubel 7: Nach Amerika

Übel and Heidi make plans for a getaway to America….

Tierkeks Liebe im Wald 4: Streit im Jugendklub

This series finale is really quite the barn burner. Directed by Qventin Tarrintinnig, it may not be suitable for all viewers. Yes, it’s the last of the only 4 episodes of Tierkeks Liebe im Wald that were ever produced, all in 1994. Enjoy!