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Herr Nelson beim Psychologen: Episode 6: Rorschach



In this psychological thriller, Herr Nelson views some rorschach images and reveals an incredible lack of depth.

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And there are English scripts for many of the videos at the MyGermanClass University site.

Herr Nelson beim Psychologen 5: Angst!



Herr Freud! Hilf uns!

More German learning video action from

HN Beim Psychologen – aus Spanien

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I was thrilled to receive this video from a German class in Spain recently! They did a remix parody of HN beim Psychologen! Viel Spa?! Vielen Dank!

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov), Flash Video (.flv)

Herr Nelson beim Psychologen 4: Der Spiegel

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Herr Freud! Was machen wir denn heute?
Hallo, Spiegel!

Herr Nelson beim Psychologen 3

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Psychoanalysis with Herrn Freud continued….. > RSS Subscription Feed > Donate, tip, support!

Psychologen 2

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Herr Freud ist schlecht! Das ist schlecht! Schrecklich!

Psychologen 1

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I’m crossposting from, thought maybe some ZipZapZoppers might want to learn a little German with me… I made these videos for my cable access German class, Tele Deutsch, back in the 90′s in Denver, and have been working feverishly over the last couple months to get them into Quicktime for iPod… I hope you enjoy….

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