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Tierkeks Liebe im Wald 4: Streit im Jugendklub

This series finale is really quite the barn burner. Directed by Qventin Tarrintinnig, it may not be suitable for all viewers. Yes, it’s the last of the only 4 episodes of Tierkeks Liebe im Wald that were ever produced, all in 1994. Enjoy!

Tierkeks Liebe im Wald 3

Another fine episode of Animal Cracker Love in the Forest…

Tierkeks Liebe im Wald 2

Another episode of Tierkeks Liebe im Wald (Animal Cracker Love in the Forest.)+ a bonus faux commercial for “Badezimmer Freund” your bathroom friend.

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Tierkeks Liebe im Wald 1

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Here’s the first in a short 4 episode series called “Tierkeks Liebe im Wald” (Animal Cracker Love in the Forest). It’s a soap opera starring animal crackers, to help you learn German. Of course

Viel Spaß beim Lernen! Video Sampler

A sampling of German learning videos from‘s video podcast vlog, including::
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Herr Nelson at the Psychiatrist’s (featuring Herr Freud),
The Man Who Wears the Rubber Shoes (Der Mann, der die Gummischuhe Trägt),
Animal Cracker Love in the Forest (Tierkeks Liebe im Wald), and
Ubel Knubels World.
Also coming: On the Road with Herr Nelson (Unterwegs mit Herrn Nelson) which covers a road trip from Denver to San Diego and up the coast to Seattle!