Kochen mit Herrn Nelson 2

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Learn German while cooking amazing food! Today we make a delicious and healthy drink which goes well with the sandwich we made in Episode 1…

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  1. Herr Nelson,

    I love your site…. I once “taught” a German Class on Xanga.com (short lessons).

    anyway. Great site… Very humorous and effective.


  2. Just posted a new Vlog Soup, my tour of the vlogosphere:

    Vlog Soup.

    You’re in it!

  3. I Love your site!!! I Love german. I cant wait to see the future episodes, maybe more of Kochen mit Herrn Nelson!? You’re kinda cute…hehe.

  4. Du bist so ganz lustig!

    Gib uns mehr!

    Gregor aus Loehlbach deutschland.

  5. Ist gut, wunderba. My daughter is taking German and we have enjoyed watching your videos together. Please do more. Please.

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