Kochen mit Herrn Nelson 6

Kochen mit Herrn Nelson returns with another delectible dish that will impress your guests.


Hello class, and welcome. My name is Herr Nelson and this is cooking with Herr Nelson. I am hungry. It is early in the morning, and I have slept well. But now I am extremely hungry. I will eat cereal for breakfast.

So, what are the ingredients for today? We need: cereal, like HoneyCombs, milk, a banana, a bowl, a knife or a scissors, and you need a…no, not a fork, a spoon. You will eat cereal for breakfast.

Open the package. Pour some cereal in the bowl. Oops! You spill some cereal on the table. Oops! Pick it up. And put it in the bowl. Like this. Then close the cereal package. That’s the cereal box. And take the banana and peel it. That is hard. So, peel the banana. This banana is not so good.

And cut the banana in slices. This banana is a little broken. A little broken. And, so. Cut the banana in slices in the cereal, either with the knife or with the scissors. Ah, the banana. The banana smells pretty good. And throw the banana peel in the trashcan. So, here is the trash can. And wash your hands. Dry your hands. Pour some milk on the cereal. Ah, very good. And take a spoon full of cereal and try it!

Wonderful. Try it again. So, try it. Chew it. Swallow. Swallow it. So, class. This breakfast is the best breakfast I have had in my life.

So, enjoy. Good morning, and that was cooking with Herr Nelson. So, goodbye!

  1. Arthur von Pieschel

    Professor Nelson, this is great material, shows how creative your approach is and also high talent in the way it is presented. I love the Uber series the most but Kochen and Gummi are also appreciated. Is this part of a course? How can one get continuity?

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