Der Mann, der die Gummischuhe Trägt 6: San Francisco!

Der Mann, der die Gummischuhe Traegt ist in San Francisco!
Kommen Sie mit!

Episode 6: Dizzy in San Francisco

Good day! I am… in San Francisco. And I am in the Lombard Street. No noise!

It says that on a sign. No noise here! People live here in the houses. No noise! There is a car! That is the Lombard Street. There are many cars driving. Look, that is a red car. Cool! It is so green. And here there should be no noise. There is a car driving in the Lombard Street. Lots of cars! Look!

A speed limit of 5 miles per hour. That is the speed limit, here is the speed limit 5 miles per hour. Look! That is my shoe, my rubber shoe! I am pointing at something. What is that? That is a white car. And what is that? That is the streetcar in San Francisco. There are many streetcars. That is cool.

More to come….

  1. Alexandra Durand

    Ich habe gelernen soviele deutsch durch deine website.I speak english and spanish, but my girlfriend is german,so I was obligated to learn.
    Thanks for your help.
    Danke schön!

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