Kochen mit Herrn Nelson 8: Spring Rolls

In this groundbreaking episode you learn to make a definitively MyGermanClass take on making fresh vietnamese-style spring rolls. Pay close attention, you’re going to love the taste of this – das ist wunderbar!

Gummischuhe 8: Mein Haus?

In this episode, der Mann, der die Gummischuhe Trägt gives a tour of his oh-so-humble abode.

Unterwegs mit Herrn Nelson 8: Hollywood

After losing the camera (by leaving the entire camera bag next to the car when moving all the stuff into a crashpad), and having it found by a kind high school student who called the phone # on the bag and returned it all, the journey to L.A. continues. Yeah, can you believe? Without that kid, Damon Smallwood I think his name was, there would be NO “Unterwegs mit Herrn Nelson” !! He is a true hero to MyGermanClass and TeleDeutsch fans worldwide. Anyway, this episode takes us around LA and we end up meeting Lala at a pretentious hollywood coffee shop called the Bourgeois Pig or something like that…

Ubel Knubels Welt 6



übel knübel is back at it. Viel Spaß!

Tierkeks Liebe im Wald 3



Another fine episode of Animal Cracker Love in the Forest…

Herr Nelson beim Psychologen: Episode 6: Rorschach



In this psychological thriller, Herr Nelson views some rorschach images and reveals an incredible lack of depth.

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Unterwegs mit Herrn Nelson 7



Wir sind schon wieder in Mexiko! Und gehen surfen in San Diego. Wunderbar!

As you can see, things are moving at a snail’s pace at MyGermanClass, but new things continue to happen. For a relatively small donation (see site for actual numbers) you can now get the English/German scripts and quizzes on MyGermanClass Universität for a couple of the video series. More will be coming by Fall 2008 as well.

Gummischuhe: Episode 7



Der Mann, der die Gummischuhe Trägt is back in Sloan’s Lake park, Denver, CO. This episode highlights what happens when a non-native speaker attempts to say and translate things and it goes awry! I was attempting to say “stuck in a trashcan” and I believe I massacred it… oh well…

In other news, there are now two MyGermanClass.com mini-courses – one for Ubel Knubel and one for Herr Nelson beim Psychologen – with more to come, available at MGC Universität. For a relatively minor donation, you can get full English/German scripts of all the videos, self-check quizzes, and discussion boards.

Viel Spaß beim Lernen!

Kochen mit Herrn Nelson 7: die Tagessuppe



Mmm. Die beste Tagessuppe in der Welt! Hast du Hunger?

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Herr Nelson beim Psychologen 5: Angst!



Herr Freud! Hilf uns!

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